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Spanish Market Intelligence

Business Intelligence Partners offers current Market Intelligence Rankings and Market Intelligence Facts on various industry sectors in Spain.

Market Intelligence Rankings

Which are the top companies in Spain? What is their market share in their respective industries? Where are they located? How many employees do they have?

Market Intelligence Rankings include a 2003 ranking by revenue of the top companies, a comparison with ranking and revenue in 2002 and employees 2003. If available, market share 2003 is also provided. The rankings are available in pdf or excel file format.

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  • Top 50 Spanish Companies
  • Top 25 Andalusian Companies
  • Top 25 Companies in Madrid
  • Top 25 Catalonian Companies
  • Top 10 Shipyards
  • Top 20 Hotels
  • Top 20 Machinery manufacturers
  • Top 15 Cinemas
  • Top 10 Leisure parks
  • Top 10 Paper Manufacturers
  • Top 25 Pharmaceutical Companies Updated with 2004 data
  • Top 25 Chemical Companies
  • Top 10 Catering Companies
  • Top 15 Security Companies
  • Top 15 Steel Companies
  • Top 15 Telecom Operators
  • Top 10 Airlines
  • Top 10 Automotive Companies
  • Top 25 Automotive Suppliers
  • Top 25 Automotive Dealers
  • Top 15 Construction Companies

Each Market Intelligence Ranking is 15 € (+ VAT if applicable), discounts are available if you order more than 5.

Market Intelligence Facts    
How did the market size develop over the past years? What is the forecast like? What market segments can be identified? Who are the key players in this market? How is the market segmentation by products?

Market Intelligence Facts provide executive briefing notes analyzing market size, market share, and other statistical market data in a comprehensive presentation – the market at a glance in one focused chart.

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Each Market Intelligence Fact Chart is 55€ (+VAT if applicable), discounts are avaiable.

Please contact us for a list of available market charts.

  Custom Research

Can´t find the information you are looking for?

In addition to the current Market Intelligence data on this website, we are currently processing more data which has not yet been published. We also provide historical data and custom research.

In case of any question or concerns, please don´t hesitate to contact us.


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