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Everyone in business needs competitor intelligence. Sales managers, insurance brokers, manufacturers reps, market analysts and company presidents all need business and competitor intelligence to make decisions. They need to analyze a competitor's pricing strategy, production processes and overall strategies. Business Intelligence Partners helps you to develop the intelligence you need for today's marketplace and for tomorrow's competitive environment.

      How we work
What you get from Business Intelligence Partners
How we work

We provide for you a convenient single point of access for high-quality business and market information as well as competitive intelligence insights, delivered on time through reliable, relevant, and customized information products and services. The code of ethics describes the guiding principles underlying our business.

Working with us provides results. Our job is to separate noise and hype and useless predictions. You can count on us…..we are held accountable for our research.
We ensure our research is well-grounded in fact-based analysis and will make every effort to "peel the onion" to find answers. We have access to all major business information databases and source.

Working with us is uncomplicated. You can reach us anytime and we will respond immediately either by e-mail or phone.

Please see our frequently asked questions page for further questions.

What you get from Business Intelligence Partner?  

Business Intelligence Partners is a service designed to assist our clients with business information and competitive intelligence, and to handle all research that requires the skills of an experienced researcher.

Business Intelligence Partners offers a wide range of products and services, customized to our clients needs.

Company profile / company factbook
Industry fact sheets and rankings
Country profile
Market and competitive intelligence
Company / Industry newsletter
Company Profile / Company Factbook
Company profiles and factbooks are charged according to our price list. We adapt to your corporate standards if required.
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Industry Fact Sheets and Rankings
Industry Fact Sheets are charged according to the time and expenses involved.
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Country Profiles
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Market and competitive intelligence
Competitive Intelligence analysis and charts are charged according to the time and expenses involved.    
Company / Industry newsletter    
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